Is there a hotel attached to the property?

We are pleased to offer Courtyard by Marriott as an attached hotel. Courtyard by Marriott at the Horizon Convention Center is connected by an interior corridor. This 150 room hotel features the Erskine Green Train Institute. The hotel, also, features a bistro and a full service restaurant. For room reservations, please call (765) 287-8550.

What is the total square footage of meeting space at your facility?

We have over 47,000 sq. feet of available meeting space.

How many break-out sessions can you accommodate?

Depending on size, typically up to twelve break-out sessions can be accommodated.

What does the room rental include?

Room rental does not include food, A/V, or decorations. These options can each be added for an additional cost.

The room rental fee includes:

  • Free parking for your guests on our surface lot on the day of the event
  • Access to the meeting room from 8 a.m. to midnight
  • Cleaning service before, during, and after the event
  • Tables and chairs
  • Set up and tear down of tables and chairs

Can I decorate myself or do I have to use facility decorations?

You may decorate your room and bring in your own decorations if you elect to do so. All items must be cleared from the facility by midnight. Please talk with your sales representative about the decorations policies and procedures. Discuss decorating times with your event coordinator.

Is there an extra charge for water service?

Yes. Talk with your sales representative.

How do we rent the room past midnight?

Rooms may be rented past midnight until 1 a.m. for an additional fee. Please talk with your sales representative.

Do you have dressing areas?

Dressing areas may be constructed or provided in a separate room.

How long can I occupy the room?

A reserved room is available from 8:00 a.m. to midnight on the same day of the event.

If I want the room for only an hour, do I pay the same room rental rate?

Yes. Room rental is per day.

When is the due date for my final food count?

A minimum guarantee is due 14 days prior to your event date. The final count is due eight business days prior to the event and this number cannot be lower than the minimum guarantee. Food ordered after the final count date will incur a $10 per meal fee.  Special order meals have special pricing.  See our sales representative for more information.

Can we move in the room the day before?

Yes, for an additional fee this will be allowed, when the room is not rented to another client.

What is your cancellation policy?

From date contract is signed to 60 days prior to the event, client is responsible for 50 percent of the total room rental. Within 59 to 31 days prior to the event, the client is responsible for 75 percent of the total room rental. Within 30 days or less prior to the event client is responsible for 100 percent of the total room rental.

How do I reserve a room?

To reserve a room, contact a sales representative to check availability and make contract arrangements. Phone: 765-288-8860

Does HCC have someone to run our A/V equipment?

Yes. A/V technicians are available for an additional cost.

Can we bring our own A/V?

We have an exclusive agreement for on-site audio/visual services with AMS Audio/Visual. Please discuss this option with your sales representative.

Do you have on-site catering?

The Horizon Convention Center is the exclusive caterer for all events.

May I bring in food or beverages from another source?

The HCC is the exclusive caterer of all events within the facility. Please feel free to bring in wedding cakes only. Other outside food or beverages are not permitted at Horizon Convention Center.

What is your smoking policy?

The Horizon Convention Center is a non-smoking facility. This is in accordance with the Deleware County Ordinance of Regulate Smoking in Public Buildings, Offices, and Establishments Title 3, Chapter 12. There are smoking areas available outside, away from the building.

When is payment due?

Fifty percent of the room rental is due upon submission of the signed License Agreement. The remaining balance is due at the final meeting or ten days prior to the event.

May I have my wedding ceremony at your facility?

Yes. For an additional fee, our event coordinator will manage your wedding ceremony.

Which credit cards do you take?

We will accept American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. There is a maximum of $13,000 on charge cards.

Is the HCC handicap accessible?


Where may I park?

Parking is available behind/west of the Horizon Convention Center on our surface lot or to the south of the building in the paid parking garage.

Do I pay for parking?

Surface parking is complimentary at the HCC. However, there is also a parking garage next to the hotel. Hotel guests receive free parking in the garage. If you are not a hotel guest, there is a $1 per hour fee. Prior arrangements may be made with your sales representative to pay an event fee instead of individual fees per car. 

Do you require security? May I bring in my own?

Security will be required for all events electing to host alcoholic beverages and events open to the public. No, you cannot bring in your own security.

Will the HCC sell tickets for my event?

It is up to the client to sell tickets, promote events, or take reservations. The Horizon Convention Center does not sell tickets.

Do you have an ATM?

There is an ATM in the lobby of the restaurant attached to the Horizon Convention Center via the Courtyard by Marriott, and there are several others within walking distance.